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Re: [kde-linux] KDE resetting microphone setting upon login

Bogus Zaba wrote:

> I recently came across alsamixergui which sounds like it might be a
> replacement for kmix. I was thinking of installing it, but there are
> dependencies on gnome libraries which I tend to avoid on mhy KDE
> systems. If Kmix is causing problems for you though, you could look into
> alsamixergui I guess.

Unless he can get rid of Kmix, he will just have two controls.  I have
alsamixergui installed here because something pulled it in if I recall
correctly, anyway, you just end up with two sets of controls.  If both
are muted for example, you have to unmute both to get sound.

It reminds me of a 'and' gate in electronics.  I think I set
alsamixergui to the max and just use Kmix for my main control for audio.

Just thought it may be worth a mention.


:-)  :-)

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