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Re: [kde-linux] KGet: "My Documents"

On 04/12/2012 01:47 PM, Duncan wrote:
James Tyrer posted on Wed, 11 Apr 2012 21:04:01 -0700 as excerpted:

Presumably, kget is using the documents xdg var instead of downloads,
I'd guess because the downloads var was introduced after kget was
already using the documents setting, the one that would have made the
most sense if there wasn't yet a specific downloads setting.

What is "downloads var"?


Do downloads really belong in: "/var"?

KGet has had this new feature added since XDG-User-Dirs had a Download
directory.  The XDG Download directory is the logical default for all
files till the user adds other directories.  It appears that it is
supposed to work with the XDG-User-Dirs, but it doesn't work.

This appears to be my usual complaint about the lack of design work.  I
think that I am good at this part of engineering.  This could be good,
but it needs a lot of work by a designer, not just a coder.

Well, it's working with some of them, the ones listed in the desktoppaths
kcontrol module.  Did you confirm whether it obeys the XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR/
documents setting,

Yes, it does.

which unlike the download dir/var, IS listed in the
kcm?  If you don't like "My Documents" (and I share your dislike thereof!
), then try setting the documents path to something else.

My user account has:


and that works fine.

If it uses it,
not ideal (ideal would be the downloads dir), but OK.  If it doesn't,
then THAT would be a bug, and I'd file it (after checking for previous
bugs a new one would dup, of course) as such.

As for incorporating XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR into kde, that'd be an enhancement/
wish.  As such, I'd file a bug for it (after a dups check) and mark it
enhancement/wish severity.  But I'd also likely consider that a
compatibility level change and not expect it for kde4, only

I would have to disagree there. Since there is currently a default: "My Downloads" that cannot be renamed or removed, it is a design defect. Fixing a design defect is not a feature request. Possibly some coding errors as well.

Note that I previously found and edited a file, using a search, for the location of "my Documents" in: "$HOME/.kde4/share/apps/kget/". Currently there is a file: "transfers.kgt" where the KGet group configurations are stored. But removing: "My Downloads" from that file does not fix it. Note the improper use of a special extension for what is an XML file. IIRC, there was also a global file in: "$KDEDIR/share/apps/kget" that I probably deleted.

I previously got rid of this by manually editing the configuration files but now it came back and I can't get rid of it. Could it be in the code somewhere. Does KDE have NO standards at all?

The reason that this is probably a bug is that it does not show proper KDE behavior, that should be common to all apps, where the presence of the local configuration file overrides the global file. I have simply not been able to find which file contains the: "My Documents" string.

Note that I do not file bug reports anymore. I do not want to put up with any further abuse from developers. I feel that I am due an apology.

James Tyrer

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