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Re: [kde-linux] Konqueror KDE-4.8 BRANCH

On 16/01/12 22:52, Duncan wrote:
> Anne Wilson posted on Sat, 14 Jan 2012 16:35:44 +0000 as excerpted:
>> On 11/01/12 09:34, Duncan wrote:
>>> You don't use a different file manager depending on what you want to
>>> do,
>>> you use the default dumbed-down dolphin if you're the type who can't
>>> figure out shell wildcards let alone regular expressions and presumably
>>> can't figure out how to change the default file manager either,
>>> otherwise you use an intelligent file manager that lets you do what you
>>> want, whether that's always the same thing with the same file manager,
>>> or different things with different managers depending on the task at
>>> hand.
>> Far from being dumbed down, for a while I was using Dolphin in KDE 4 and
>> Konqueror (3.5) in CentOS 5 and kept being utterly frustrated that
>> Konqueror was so much less able as a file manager.  If filtering by
>> extension is what you need, you do it in much the same way as you would
>> in Windows - use the Details view, ensure that Type is one of the
>> details shown, and select that column - simple! :-)
> Thanks for bringing that back up.  Hours after posting that I decided I 
> had probably worded it rather more strongly than I would have in 
> hindsight, but didn't know how to properly address the issue without more 
> or less making the problem worse.  That you brought it back up now allows 
> me to reply and get that in the record, without being so awkward. =:^)
> Dolphin has its own power (the chance observation of which, right after 
> that strongly worded criticism, triggered my second thoughts on it), and 
> is a very reasonable file manager for those afraid of messing with 
> configurations, but it's also a fine tool for those power users who keep 
> a larger toolbox and thus can choose the tool that best meets their 
> current needs.  It doesn't do everything well, but then again, I'd not 
> expect the finest screwdrivers to be all that great as hammers... or pry-
> bars for that matter... tho I know I'm not the only one who has used them 
> for both, at times!  =:^)
Hehe - and if we're truthful, you're not alone there!  I'm a firm
believer in "choice = freedom", and "horses for courses".  Long live


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