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Re: [kde-linux] Konqueror KDE-4.8 BRANCH

Duncan wrote:
Dale posted on Mon, 16 Jan 2012 17:35:33 -0600 as excerpted:

Well, I selected File Manager mode and I still don't see it.  Actually,
that's the only way I use Konqueror.  I do my web browsing with
Seamonkey and sometimes Firefox.

I'm on 4.7 if that matters.
I'm on 4.8-rc2, but I don't think that's it as I remember it being there
for awhile.  Maybe it's an add-on?

Actually, I just checked my /usr/lib64/kde4/ dir looking for potential
candidate *.so files, did a test rename on a likely candidate, and
confirmed that's it!  Here on gentoo/amd64 (x86 simply omit the 64 in the
path, other distros may have it in opt or elsewhere, but this should be
reasonably standard for the mainline distros):


equery belongs dirfilterplugin.so says:

kde-base/konq-plugins-4.7.97 (/usr/lib64/kde4/dirfilterplugin.so)

So for gentooers it's the konq-plugins package.  For other distros...
rpmfind.net says konqueror-plugins provides that for some distros
(OpenSuSE, for instance), konq-plugins (same as gentoo) for others
(centos/fedora/mandriva/mageia), and/or the larger unsplit metapackages
kdebase (fedora) or kde-baseapps (fedora rawhide, the 4.8 rcs).

If I knew a site like rpmfind for debian-based distros, I'd check it as
well, but I don't, so...  But one way or another, that should provide
enough info to find it in debian-based and other distros as well, since
most distros provide /some/ way to lookup package based on a filename,
and most will use something close to the above package names in any case.

Well, I'm still on Gentoo here. Of course with the recent talk about init thingys, that could change. I do have this installed tho:


I may not have something enabled or something tho. I mostly mentioned because another user posted they couldn't find it either. I posted so that he knows it is not just him. Of course, I am a bit curious since you have it and I don't. We both run Gentoo. I also have the .so file you posted above too. Weird, just like me. lol


:-)  :-)

I am only responsible for what I said ... Not for what you understood or how you interpreted my words!

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