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Re: [kde-linux] Konqueror KDE-4.8 BRANCH

yahoo-pier_andreit posted on Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:23:45 +0100 as excerpted:

>> And can you do that for multiple types?
>> Actually, this is simple. In Konqueror:
>> Tools -> View Filter
>> This feature is not available in Dolphin.
> I cannot find Tools -> view filter in konqueror !!

Note that konqueror has several profiles (some built-in, plus you can 
create customized ones), and that when the webbrowser personality is 
active, it probably won't show the tools, view filter option, since it's 
useful only in file browsing mode.

That was actually one of the original arguments for making dolphin the 
default filemanager, "that" referring to the confusion some users 
experience with konqueror's appearing and disappearing functionality 
depending on whether it's in the file browser or web browser personality 
ATM.  Dolphin doesn't have that problem since it's /only/ a file browser/
manager, not both.  (Similarly for rekonq being only a web browser, tho 
the general opinion is that it's not ready to replace konqueror there.  
Of course it has also become very apparent that even most kde devs don't 
consider konqueror a serious web browser either, given their behavior 
toward browser-functionality/security critical konqueror bugs and 
behavior.  The gtk-based firefox or webkit-based chromium/chrome appear 
to be the better alternatives there.)

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