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Re: [kde-linux] Konqueror KDE-4.8 BRANCH

On 11/01/12 09:34, Duncan wrote:
> You don't use a different file manager depending on what you want to do, 
> you use the default dumbed-down dolphin if you're the type who can't 
> figure out shell wildcards let alone regular expressions and presumably 
> can't figure out how to change the default file manager either, otherwise 
> you use an intelligent file manager that lets you do what you want, 
> whether that's always the same thing with the same file manager, or 
> different things with different managers depending on the task at hand.

Far from being dumbed down, for a while I was using Dolphin in KDE 4 and
Konqueror (3.5) in CentOS 5 and kept being utterly frustrated that
Konqueror was so much less able as a file manager.  If filtering by
extension is what you need, you do it in much the same way as you would
in Windows - use the Details view, ensure that Type is one of the
details shown, and select that column - simple! :-)

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