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[kde-linux] Konqueror KDE-4.8 BRANCH

I note that Konqueror lists the version as 4.7.97 but I updated the branch last night.

I find that the View Filter icon is now available again. It can be placed on either the Location Toolbar or the Extra Tool bar although the toolbar name in the configuration dialog (Filter Toolbar <DirFilter>) is still wrong. There is no Filter Toolbar; if it is going to be added to the Location Toolbar, that is what it should say.

I also note that the KDE throbber is back although it is on the Location Toolbar (putting it on the didn't seem to work with Qt.

I spent considerable time on the throbber and it is nice to see it again.

IAC, about the throbber, the largest that I made was 48x48 and wondered if KDE now needed larger versions, I have the SVN files and could easily make them.

So, Konqueror can filter by file extension and Dolphin can filter by string. Did someone actually think about this design? Obviously, you shouldn't have to use two different application for file management based on what you want to do. Both apps should have both features.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch
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