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Re: [kde-linux] Amarok lost data

Alexander Harrowell said the following at 01/10/2012 05:13 AM :
> Any idea how AmaroK could lose the ratings for 793 songs?
> I spent ages listening through the SXSW 2011 torrent and rating 
> everything. I have an algorithm for filtering new bands once someone's 
> provided a star rating, but it was a while before I got around to 
> implementing it as an AmaroK playlist.
> Weirdly, everything that came out of it had a rating of zero and, when I 
> checked, so did everything else. However, the filter, which is dependent 
> on ratings, did manage to select 32 tracks from 793. So perhaps the data 
> is there somewhere? And where does it store this sort of thing (please 
> don't talk about akonadi)?

It's stored in a bunch of files in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/mysqle.
Frankly, all I can say is, "good luck".

I lost all my database info a couple of weeks ago and in the end (after far
too many hours) I gave up trying to get amarok to recover the information
correctly from my backup. Instead I went to an older backup that used
sqlite and imported that into celementine (which is based on amarok 1.4)
and am now using that instead of amarok.

Life is too short to use software that isn't fail-safe. I'm sure amarok
wasn't *supposed* to lose all the information, but the mere fact that there
aren't safeguards that stop it from happening tells me I should use
something else. I never could find an easy way to extract the data from the
mysqle database that amarok uses by default nowadays, hence the recovery
from an old sqlite database.


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