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Re: [kde-linux] sourceforge vs. Konqueror

James Tyrer posted on Mon, 09 Jan 2012 06:03:32 -0700 as excerpted:

>> I decided it was time to upgrade gcc from the 4.5 series to the 4.6
>> series (4.6.2), and rebuild my entire system with the new gcc but
>> upgrading to the new kde at the same time, so I wouldn't end up doing
>> it twice.
> Sounds like a lot of fun.  I have to admit that I do not rebuild
> everything when I upgrade the compiler.

AFAIK it used to be more or less required, especially for pretty much 
anything C++, since libstdc++ changed dramatically between minor gcc 
versions.  But since 4.1 IIRC they've been forward compatible but not 
backward compatible.  So stuff compiled on the older gccs still works on 
the newer one, but not necessarily the reverse (built on newer gcc 
running on older).

Now, it's simply a convenient time for a "flag day", rebuilding the 
entire system at once so I know it can be done with the new gcc, finding 
any problems related to that or other things that crop up but might be 
hidden until a rebuild, etc.

It takes me roughly 10 hours if it goes absolutely smoothly, generally 
more like 12 with the usual crop of several garden-variety minor issues 
(as this time), obviously somewhat more than that if I try it earlier in 
the cycle, after the upstream gcc release but before all the patched 
versions are out, so I have to go looking and manually applying a whole 
slew of patches.

But when I'm done, I know that my whole system builds on the new gcc and 
against everything else on the system without unsolved issues, and that's 
a nice feeling to have. =:^)

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