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Re: [kde-linux] sourceforge vs. Konqueror

James Tyrer posted on Sat, 07 Jan 2012 19:53:18 -0700 as excerpted:

> IAC, I went through the MIME types again and it still doesn't work the
> way that SourceForge is supposed to work.

Have you checked the URL either manually or with something like links or 
lynx to see what mimetype sourceforge is giving the browser?  Sometimes 
that gets screwed up.

Here on gentoo, all the sources tarball fetches are done by default using 
wget, or optionally curl, with the appropriate command-line options for 
saving the file, so the mimetype the server claims doesn't usually make a 

Meanwhile, not related to your issue but what I'm doing ATM...

Before I upgraded from 4.7.95 to 4.7.97 (aka 4.8-rc1 to 4.8-rc2), I 
decided it was time to upgrade gcc from the 4.5 series to the 4.6 series 
(4.6.2), and rebuild my entire system with the new gcc but upgrading to 
the new kde at the same time, so I wouldn't end up doing it twice.

930 packages (including about 190 that's the kde-4.8-rc2 upgrade and 5-10 
that are other upgrades, the rest rebuilds of existing installed 
versions)... 100 or so done ATM...

One caveat for anyone still on grub-1 (0.97) that's the reason gcc-4.6.2 
isn't unmasked even to ~arch yet on gentoo: various users who have tried 
rebuilding it with gcc-4.6 have reported problems rebooting.  (First it 
wouldn't build, then that was fixed, then it would build but not install, 
something about an invalid stage file, and that was fixed, now it 
installs and works fine for some, but doesn't for others.)

But since I'm running amd64 no-multilib and thus don't have gcc setup to 
compile 32-bit anyway, at least for my 64-bit main machine, I use the pre-
built grub-static package for both it and the 32-bit netbook, and don't 
have to worry about that issue, and since the gentoo toolchain devs say 
that's the last blocker before unmasking gcc-4.6 to ~arch anyway, I 
decided it's time to try it.  We'll see what breaks... =:^]

But grub-2 isn't affected, and of course that's what a lot of folks are 
already on, these days.  Then there's the lilo folks, and those already 
using EFI-based systems and elilo.  And since other hardware platforms 
use other bootloaders, it's only x86 and amd64/x86_64/x64 that care about 
grub or other x86 bootloaders anyway.

But after I built and switched to gcc-4.6.2, my first attempt at 
rebuilding the full system bailed out right away...  I had -combine in my 
CFLAGS since perhaps the 4.3 era, and it's removed in 4.6 with LTO (link-
time-optimization) being the preferred replacement, now.  So I had to go 
remove -combine from my default CFLAGS and try again.

Well, the rebuild process says about 250 done now, so only about 680 to 
go...  But the early ones tend to be the small and fast to build and 
install ones, too; stuff like sed and grep.  So I'm probably only about 
10-15% of the way done, time-wise.  And of course that assumes I don't 
run into any problems along the way and have to retry and debug build 
problems.  So I have a way to go still, for sure!

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and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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