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Re: [kde-linux] KDE-4.8 BRANCH C# bindings

James Tyrer posted on Sat, 07 Jan 2012 02:43:02 -0700 as excerpted:

> I really need the answers to some questions to write another editorial
> and this information simply doesn't seem to be available.

I'm definitely glad that someone (that being you) cares enough to take 
the time and effort to do this.  It would seem that you're running into 
the old rock-and-hard-place documentation conundrum, however, that being 
that those who don't know how to do something and could really use some 
documentation are often the only ones interested in it.  The folks with 
the knowledge to write the docs don't need them any more and thus aren't 
particularly interested in creating them.

That's one of the down sides of the "scratch your own itch" free/libre 
and open-source software ecosystem.  Nobody with the resources to do 
documentation has the itch, and those with the itch for documentation by 
definition don't have the knowledge to write it.  In the proprietary 
world, people get paid to have that itch and develop the knowledge to 
scratch it, so the itch gets scratched, but even in the proprietary world 
anything but the bare minimum is usually additional fee add-ons, same 
provider or third party.  However, the additional-fee addons work in the 
FLOSS world too, and there's whole publishing businesses like O'Reilly 
built on that business model.

So yes, I AM glad that people like you are around to try to do the 
tutorial thing, etc.  But of course, the information not being available 
is part of the problem you're trying to solve with the tutorials, etc, in 
the first place, so it's sort of a given that it's not all available or 
there'd be little need for the tutorials, etc, that you're doing.

Unfortunately that means doing a lot of the research and trial and error 
experimentation yourself, tho getting help from people like me (where I 
dig it out of the gentoo ebuilds, generally) where possible.  But for the 
reasons explained previously, I really don't have any interest in the 
mono/C# side at all, so there's no common interests there I can pitch in 
to help with, as there is in some other areas.  As such, that bit will 
have to come from other sources or you'll have to do more of the leg work 

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