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Re: [kde-linux] KDE-4.8 BRANCH C# bindings

James Tyrer posted on Wed, 04 Jan 2012 00:18:35 -0700 as excerpted:

> I finally managed to build all of KDE-4.8 but had some problems with the
> C# bindings.

FWIW, part of the issue there might be that a lot of devs won't touch 
mono/c# with a 3 meter pole, due to where it came from.  KDE isn't gnome, 
and it's rather ironic that the one of the same people that founded gnome 
due to license issues kde had at that time, has been so much the leader 
in pushing the mono technology that MS has yet to clearly and irrevocably 
free from patent claims and the like and apparently has no intention of 
doing so, into gnome.

But regardless of the political issues, there's little or nothing in 
mainline kde sc that requires those bindings and unless you REALLY want 
one of the fringe apps that might happen to require them, I'd say just 
let them be.  For most, at least most of those who'd choose to build it 
themselves, it's simply a component or two that nothing uses, so not 
installing it simply means not having to worry about updating it with 
every kde update they do, and that many less unused or extremely lightly 
used installed components to worry about the potential of someone finding 
a security hole to exploit.

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