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[kde-linux] KDE-4.8 "public Beta" Unstable Plasma Panel

So, I installed the current KDE-4.8 BRANCH and again, it should not be called a Release Candidate. I for got why it is that I usually make pointed comments about KDE. So, I just spent most of an hour trying to get my panel configured. It is simply MADDENING or MADDING (an old grammar argument: "Far From the Madding Crowd"). The work "Hubris" is not sufficient to describe the problem.

Three icons no longer had their correct icon image but rather had the "unknown" icon. Can't see how this would happen.

Fixing that, I found a REGRESSION. That thing that pops up on the end of a panel when you unlock widgets is again taking up space. This has been fixed previously.

Might I suggest that there must be a better solution to this than the "Panel Tool Box [sic]" (note that in my dictionary that 'toolbox' is one word). I note that when widgets are unlocked that the menu for icons on the panel and the panel contain an additional item: "Remove this ...". Couldn't this be handled with an addition to the menu? Oh wait! it is already there under: PanelOptions. So the: Panel Tool Box [sic] is redundant.

After wasting considerable time, I find that there is a new bug. When I lock widgets, the content of the top panel moves to the (my) right pushing the right most icon slightly off the edge and leaving a small space on the left end. That would also be a REGRESSION -- possibly related to the first one.

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James Tyrer

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