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Re: [kde-linux] Dbus "interfaces"

On 12/30/2011 01:23 PM, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Friday, 2011-12-30, James Tyrer wrote:
There are various instances of:

... /share/dbus-1/interfaces/

on my system and I can not remember how Dbus finds them.

D-Bus does not look for them.
Those are development files, similar to headers just a bit more abstract.

I am guessing that it is with the: "XDG_DATA_DIRS" path, but I didn't
quickly find this info with Google.

Probably depends on the build system but whatever mechanism is being used is
almost certainly checking that variable.
Could check some additional paths though.

Does anyone know for sure or have a link to documentation?

No idea, but my guess is that for KDE's build system (cmake) there will most
likely be a cmake macro in kdelibs' cmake modules.

Apparently, I was not able to find this information previously since my


doesn't seem to cover that. :-)

Help would be appreciated so that I can finish the tutorial.

Since that tutorial covers runtime D-Bus configuration this is probably out of
scope for it.

OK, so other than the general requirement that: "XDG_DATA_DIRS" needs to include all of the "share" directories, there is no specific requirement for this.

James Tyrer

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