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Re: [kde-linux] Revive Quanta+?

john Culleton posted on Mon, 26 Dec 2011 09:54:02 -0500 as excerpted:

> One of the virtues of the Open Software approach is freedom of choice.
> When the KDE folks messed up KMail I switched to Claws Mail. When the
> KDE interface became clumsy and slow I switched to XFCE. I replaced the
> weak apps in KOffice with better ones from Libre. But for the task of
> web page production two projects have fallen apart, Quanta+ and now
> Amaya. Bluefish is the last app standing. It is decent and well
> maintained but lacks some of the features of Quanta+.

Interesting that you mention claws-mail.  That's where I ended up too. 
=:^)  Back in late 2001, early 2002, when I switched from MS due to its 
jumping the shark with eXPrivacy, I tried (then) sylpheed-claws, but 
decided on kmail.  Of course that's ironic too, as if I'd have picked 
claws back then, I'd not have had the hassle of switching nine years 
later, earlier this year.  Oh, well...

I don't use an office suite, just email, web, and plain-text files, but 
did drop konqueror for firefox when it became apparent most kde devs 
including the konqueror devs themselves consider it only a trivial toy. 
(How else can the absence of a security-cert management gui for two years 
after kde was declared ready for ordinary users, in an era of entire CAs 
and all their certs going down, be explained?  Oh, and can't forget the 
double-form-submission-bug introduced in the middle of a bug-fix-only 
stable series and left to fester for two full months; where was 
Thus, self-evidently, when "ordinary users" do /banking/ with their 
"real" browser, konqueror can only be considered a toy!  Well, now it's 
only a trivial toy for me, too!)

And claws-mail (separate second instance) running with the feed-plugin 
for feeds, replacing akregator and thus with kmail gone too, freeing me 
from kdepim, thus from akonadi, thus from semantic-desktop entirely.  
Fortunately I already ran pan instead of knode, so I didn't have to look 
for a news (nntp) client replacement.  But that's ironic, too, since a 
couple years ago pan was the only critical gtk app I ran and I was 
thinking about replacing it, thus allowing me to drop gtk.  But now, I'm 
running two claws-mail instances, pan, AND firefox, on gtk, and if 
anything, it's the core kde that I'd be looking to replace and drop, tho 
I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit, now that I jettisoned all the 
critical kde-based apps for one reason or another. =:^)

And not quite as critical, but important none-the-less, early in the kde4 
switch cycle, I dropped amarok for mpd (and various qt4, ncurses and cli 
frontends, which TOGETHER still weigh FAR less than amarok... and I can 
manage it from the CLI without X running now, too), and kaffeine for 

But with all the critical apps elsewhere now and with the semantic-
desktop millstone off my neck, kde actually runs MUCH faster now, and for 
the first time, I'm actually enjoying kde4 more than I did kde3! =:^)  
Plus, now free of the worry of breaking critical mail or browser, I'm 
free to test the kde beta and rc releases, and am thoroughly enjoying 
that as well! =:^)

So being "encouraged" to jettison all those kde apps wasn't all bad!  Now 
that I'm free of them, I'm having the best time on kde that I've had in a 
VERY long time, I guess since I first switched from MS to Linux/kde2 in 
early 2002, and everything was fresh and new to me! =:^)

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"Every nonfree program has a lord, a master --
and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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