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Re: [kde-linux] Revive Quanta+?

On Monday, 2011-12-26, john Culleton wrote:

> Work is supported by apps, apps by a desktop, and a desktop by an
> operating system. If you had to jettison apps that is a shame. I
> am stuck in an apps conflict. My work requires among others
> Scribus and Inkscape. These have been modernized to work with QT4.
> I also have to maintain web pages. Hence the current discussion
> of Quanta+. It died with no replacement.

I think Inkscape is actually a GTK+ application. It might have been modernized 
to work with GTK+ 3 already though.

> One of the overrated virtues of Open Software developement is
> integration with an overall project like KDE. If Quanta were
> independent of KDE we wouldn't be having this discussion.

You mean because the project mailinglist would have also been gone and thus 
leaving users without a channel to gauge whether others area also still in 

Hmm, that's actually a good point I hadn't thought about yet. But indeed, a 
singular project being abandoned would almost certainly also cause its 
communication channels to disappear, while at least those keep being available 
when the project is part of a bigger community.

> One of the virtues of the Open Software approach is freedom of
> choice. When the KDE folks messed up KMail I switched to Claws
> Mail. When the KDE interface became clumsy and slow I switched to
> XFCE. I replaced the weak apps in KOffice with better ones from
> Libre. But for the task of web page production two projects have
> fallen apart, Quanta+ and now Amaya. Bluefish is the last app
> standing. It is decent and well maintained but lacks some of the
> features of Quanta+.

In this case I'd say the way with most likelyhood of success is to make a 
precise as possible description of the missing features and ask the active 
project's community to implement them.


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring

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