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Re: [kde-linux] Revive Quanta+?

On Sunday, 2011-12-25, john Culleton wrote:
> Quanta+ (packaged as part of Kwebdev) is perhaps the single most
> useful and unduplicated app in the KDE suite. However it died
> when KDE4 came out.
> Has anyone yet picked up the torch to update Quanta+ to work with
> KDE4?

Some years back one of KDE's Google Summer of Code projects was to improve the 
web related editing integration on the KDevelop platform (that was what the 
original Quanta+ developers decided to base their work on due to lots of 
shared functionality before the funding of Quanta+ ran out).

Unfortunately this student has shifted his interest towards the C++ portions 
of KDevelop later runs of Google Summer of Code failed to attract students for 
web related work.

> There are lots of useless projects in the KDE world, like Kword and
> Kspread (Libre beats both.)

I would advise against using terms like useless project when trying to gather 
or improve developer interest for a project important to yourself.
Developers not related to a project might be neutral toward the project's 
goals or just not care but they will almost certainly object to some fellow 
free software developer's work being called useless.

> But Quanta+ has no rivals in the Linux
> world. Perhaps some resources could be tempted to work on this project.
> It has an audience of loyal fans.

It could probably be pitched somehow as a good opportunity for new developers 
to quickly gain reputation ("Fame and Glory") however new developers are 
usually either more willing to start with something new or participate in 
something that is either high profile or has some "value" attached to it (value 
not necessarily meaning money but also e.g. fun, frontier technologies, etc).


P.S.: since I am not in the business of creating web content myself I am not 
qualified to estimate the usefulness of visual page editing on raw HTML as of 
My interpretation of the current status is that people have either switched to 
a content system based on some wiki syntax (usually with alternative WYSIWYG 
mode) or plain development environments for backend/frontend code (e.g. PHP 
and JavaScript) plus development related plugins in the developers' choice of 

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring

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