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Re: [kde-linux] Lost KMail, NUT-montior and QJackctl Icons

On Wednesday 25 Kislev 5772 14:00:24 kde-linux-request@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > After a failed attempt to change over my system to 64 bit and restoring,
> > I have problems getting plasma to reshow after rebooting the restored
> > system. My login was the only one exercised on the errant system. Going
> > to another login which worked fine, then going to mine got the desktop
> > back. I had to replace some of the icons, applets, the panel, etc., but
> > it is fine.
> >
> > 
> >
> > However, certain icons that were shown on the system tray no longer
> > show. Kmail and qjackctl are indeed running but the icons are not there.
> > The little NUT monitor is a x-windows (GTK?) object that also went to
> > the tray and the app's window could be toggled from there.
> >
> > 
> >
> > How to get them back?
> FWIW, it's generally useful to give what kde version you're talking 
> about, since plasma among other things is still under intense development 
> and there's often not so small changes between 4.x versions, and not so 
> small bug appearances and fixes in 4.x.y versions altho it's only the 4.x 
> versions that are supposed to have major feature changes.
> Meanwhile, I'm running 4.7.90 here.  That's 4.8-beta2.  But the tray 
> behavior is I think unchanged from 4.7, and IIRC 4.6 was similar, but I 
> think there were some changes between 4.5. and 4.6, or it might have been 
> between 4.6 and 4.7...
> Anyway, the below describes the UI as I have it here on 4.7.90 and I'm 
> guessing the following is what you're after.
> 1) Context-click (normally right-click) on the tray -- careful to avoid 
> clicking an icon -- and select system tray settings.
> 2) In the setting dialog, click the Entries icon, and you should see a 
> list of all the detected apps that have a tray icon, with a visibility 
> selector beside each.
>  ********

kmail, qjackctl and NUT will  not appear on this list, even though they used 
to show. I have upgraded to   4.7.4, no change.

There is a mail notifier if someone can figure out how to use it :-)

> ********
> Of course, apps only appear there if plasma has seen them try to register 
> a tray icon.  If for some reason plasma isn't seeing the tray icon 
> registrations, it won't list the apps for you to set to always visible. 
> =:^(  I don't know what to tell you if that's the case, except that if 
> it's not listed there, something's broken deeper in the innards and 
> plasma isn't seeing it register the tray icon in the first place.
> Oh, and for the apps where it's an option (as it is for kmail I think, no 
> clue about the others you mentioned), be sure they're set to have a tray 
> icon. =:^/

KMail and qjackctl have those options set. NUT monitor is outside of KDE, a 
generic tray item with no options at all.
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