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Re: [kde-linux] Building KDEPIM 4.7 from the GIT repository

James Tyrer posted on Mon, 19 Dec 2011 16:56:26 -0700 as excerpted:

> On 12/19/2011 02:16 PM, James Tyrer wrote:
>> For several weeks building KDEPIM from GIT "origin/KDE/4.7" has failed
>> with this error:
>> /usr/GIT/KDE/kdepim/messagecomposer/akonadisender.cpp:138: error:
>> reference to 'Message' is ambiguous
>> However the tag v4.7.3 builds OK, indicating that the source was broken
>> since release 4.7.3 was tagged. Now, release 4.7.4 has been tagged and
>> it will not build.
> I have to say that although I probably would have written: "util.cpp"
> differently (in the namespace Message::Util to match util.h), I have not
> been able to find an error.  I note that I am not a C++ expert -- I do
> not like the language.  But, it must either be a very subtle error or a
> compiler bug.

As you likely know by now, I don't even have kdepim installed any longer, 

You're building from git, and you know 4.7.3 works and something later 
doesn't work.  Have you tried git bisect-ing the problem?  I don't claim 
to know either C or C++, but I can git bisect, and once it's bisected to 
a single commit, between limiting the code I'm looking at to just that 
commit and what I remember from pascal back in college, I can often find 
the issue.

And even if I can't, once it's down to a single commit, I can both file a 
bug already bisected to a single commit, and often, revert that 
individual commit and otherwise stay current, while the appropriate 
people look at the bug I filed.

I do that reasonably routinely with the kernel, or at least I did until 
kernel.org went down, last I checked kernel bugzilla wasn't yet back up, 
and have done the same thing with at least one kde bug (for 4.6.x) as 

Tho I must say, given that I had already bisected the kde (plasma) bug to 
a single commit, I was rather disappointed with the results.  Looks like 
you're already on the CC.  KDE bug #271532.


The kernel folks have been far more responsive to bugs than kde, for that 
bug and others. <shrug>  But at least the window rules workaround worked 
for me.

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