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Re: [kde-linux] Selection Markers in Folder View.

James Tyrer posted on Thu, 15 Dec 2011 13:05:50 -0700 as excerpted:

> Is there any way to get rid of those circled "+" & "-" signs in a Folder
> View.  It is very easy in Konqueror: just uncheck the box: "File
> Management -> General -> Show selection marker"
> I perceive this as more of the Plasma hubris.  They don't think that
> anyone wouldn't want this great feature.  However with small icons on a
> small screen it makes it DAMN hard to click on an icon without hitting
> the Selection Marker instead.  I also do not see why I would want to
> select a '*.desktop" file' when I am trying to open an application by
> clicking the icon on the DeskTop Folder View.
> That other marker to display a really tiny view of the directory isn't a
> good idea either.  The center mouse button appears to be available and
> would be much better.  That tiny view of the directory should really be
> larger.  A stripped down version (features not needed for this use
> removed) of the KDE File Selector would be much better (but it wouldn't
> be Plasma, then, would it -- ARGH!).

This doesn't deal with folderview directly, but is an alternate 

Especially for small screens, the QuickAccess plasmoid from kdelook is a 
very useful substitute for folderview.  Basically, it's a single icon 
that when clicked pops up a "menu view" of the folder you have it pointed 
at.  If you click on a directory it opens a submenu, or there's a button 
at the top that will open the directory itself, in whatever is configured 
as the kde filemanager.

And unlike the folderview directory browser popup, the quick-view "menu" 
is actually a window that can be drag-resized.

There's actually a number of different quick-access plasmoids on kdelook, 
the original, plus at least two slight variants by other people.  Here's 
the one Gentoo (and thus I) is(/am) using:


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