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Re: [kde-linux] order of System Tray icons

Jerome Yuzyk posted on Thu, 15 Dec 2011 10:27:48 -0700 as excerpted:

> On Thursday, December 15, 2011 08:02:28 AM Pablo Sanchez
> <pablo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 12/15/2011 07:58 AM, Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
>> > What determines the order of icons in the System Tray?
>> From what I've observed, it's when the process places itself in the
>> tray.
>> Perhaps if you ran a script which serially started the System Tray
>> items, you'd get a consistent placement.
> I start most of these things by hand in the same order. Even though I
> start KMail as one of the last trayable items, it nudges itself into the
> first or second position usually. I don't start the volume control at
> all, and it puts itself in the last position. And on it goes... All of
> the items are visible full-time.

I replied earlier and you mention some points I brought up so you might 
have seen it, or not, since it explains what you describe.

The in-tray order should be the reverse of the tray-icon request order.  
That is, the last thing to start gets the first icon slot, bumping all 
the others down a notch.  That explains kmail being in the first icon 
slot when it started last.

I don't have kmix installed on my main machine here (digital line-out to 
my surround-sound system, so kmix didn't do anything besides toggle 
digital-out on and off anyway)  and my netbook's not running anything 
current (old 4.5 I think) and I'm not on it to check, so I don't know 
whether kmix is a tray-configured system service (like device notifier) 
or an ordinary kde system service (like klipper), but when the tray 
starts, the "extra items" (like device notifier) that are configured in 
the systray config itself appear first, meaning they'll be last after 
they get bumped down by everything else, then the non-tray-configured kde 
system services (like klipper), since they start before ordinary apps, 
then any ordinary apps configured to run at startup, then finally 
anything you start manually.  And as I explained above, new icons appear 
first, bumping everything else down, so the systray services that are 
first in the tray will end up last in the tray, and the last thing you 
start manually will end up being the first icon in the tray.

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