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Re: [kde-linux] Konqueror and svg web pages.

Alex Schuster posted on Sat, 10 Dec 2011 04:31:07 +0100 as excerpted:

>> > > john Culleton wrote:
>> > >> Well, it tried but the rendering was faulty. I have some text
>> > >> along a curve that Konqueror shows at the top of the page almost
>> > >> entirely cut off and of course not on the curve. And some labels
>> > >> in boxes were misaligned.
>> > >>
>> > >> If you go to the url listed below and try it in Firefox followed
>> > >> by Konqueror (or vice versa) you will see quite different
>> > >> renderings.

> Getting close :) This works:
> http://webdesign.wexfordpress.net/index.svg
> Firefox renders this as it should, I guess. So does Opera. In Chromium,
> the red text is shifted to the left, and the first character is
> partially outside.
> Konqueror displays it as you described. But you can change View -> View
> mode (or something like that, translating from German here), it's set to
> SVG component as default. When set to WebKit, it renders like Chromium
> does. And with KHTML you get another weird effect, see for yourself :)

Wow!  That's an excellent bug-testing file!

FWIW, I don't have chromium or the kde webkit part installed here, firefox 
is my default browser and I'm mostly keeping konqueror installed as a 
backup and for reference when replying on the kde groups/lists, but that 
/is/ a great test file, and I'd suggest first running it thru an SVG 
validator if you haven't already, and then filing bugs for kde webkit-
part (I guess it'd be), kde svgpart, and chromium (and/or chrome, 
whatever you have installed if you have it installed) all three.

It might be worth seeing what... I think it's inkscape that's supposed to 
do svg authoriing... does with it as well.

For the webkit stuff, I'd expect filing a bug on chrome to have the 
quickest effect on the whole webkit ecosystem, since google's so active 
with it.  It may be that chromium would be slightly faster or somewhat 
slower, depending on whether google treats chromium bugs as beta-testing 
reports and prioritizes them higher as a result, or as a definite second 
priority to chrome.  I wouldn't know.  Maybe file it for one and mention 
that it happens in the other as well.

KDE... might get it fixed locally but I doubt they have the developer 
resources to get the fix into upstream webkit as fast as google is likely 
to.  But of course I could be mistaken on that as well, given that webkit 
is khtml based, originally.

Of course, if anyone has a servantware fruit installation and can test 
and file safari's results as well, I guess that's closest to upstream...

And of course, somebody with servantware MSWormOS could check IE's 
rendering (does it even do svg? I'd hope so) and report appropriately.

Meanwhile, it's obvious that svg isn't yet a mature enough technology to 
use in a sales-targeted web presentation as that looks likely to be, 
unless you can target a specific browser, and even then, support is 
likely to change per-version.  It's likely you'll have to convert it to 
png/gif.  Either that or drop the curve-following effect at least, and 
modify the code used for the block-text placement.  But I'd still file 
bugs on it, and maybe in a few years...

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