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Re: [kde-linux] Increasing the intensity of mouse-over

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On 12/03/2011 11:58 AM, Duncan wrote:
> Pablo Sanchez posted on Sat, 03 Dec 2011 09:50:40 -0500 as excerpted:
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>> I find working with outliers helps me figure out things.
> Yes.
> FWIW, there's a special-purpose color-scheme on kdelook called
> "CheckColorRoles (for style development)",

Oh very cool!

I get the idea:  wash everything out and allow you to methodically add
color back.

> But just hovering over an entry without selection produces a blend
> of the two, mostly from the view set, but modified by the selection
> set (normal background role for both).

Hmmm, I tried goofing with the above on my end and still, it didn't
affect the color.

> Do note the contrast slider on the options tab.  

:)!  I goof'd with that one as well.

At the moment, I think your hypothesis that it's buried in the scheme
may be correct.  I found my local changes to the current scheme.  I
need to find on my machine the source to see if there's some parameter
which can be overriden in my local config.

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