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Re: [kde-linux] KDE 4.7.3 and the clock being cut off

Dale posted on Sat, 26 Nov 2011 00:48:12 -0600 as excerpted:

> I noticed after a recent upgrade that my clock is being weird.  When I
> click on the clock to pull up the calender, the right hand side is cut
> off.  I thought maybe it was just that it was going off screen so I
> moved it to the left a bit.  It still cuts off Saturday.  I can see the
> other days of the week but Saturday is gone.  I would like to have
> Saturday back.  I do have my fonts set to a bit larger than defaults.
> Does anyone else notice this?

Can't say I've noticed it, but then again, my "clock" is part of the 
giant superkaramba theme I integrated all of the individual smaller 
themes into.  I don't even have a clock plasmoid running any more, by 
default.  (I have a hotkey set to run "plasmoidviewer calendar", which 
gives me the calendar plasmoid in a separate popup window invoked by 
hotkey when I need it, so don't miss that bit of functionality from the 
clock plasmoids either...)

I suppose I should upload another screenshot somewhere, one of these 
days, but my ISP sent me an email saying it's shutting down the 
previously provided webspace (after shutting down their newsserver, 
funny, they didn't lower their prices in exchange for the lower level of 
service, but I /am/ seriously considering downgrading to a lower tier of 
service, thereby lowering what I pay anyway), and I really don't use it 
/that/ much, so haven't bothered looking elsewhere for hosting.  I guess 
the other thing I could do would be to ignore the no-server thing and 
host it myself... on a high-range port, of course.  That'd even give me 
an excuse to buy a pogoplug or similar new toy to always-on host it.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about trying 4.8-beta1, aka 4.7.80 (or even the 
-9999 live-ebuilds, but for some reason I didn't see one for kdelibs, 
last I checked, which was strange) but haven't, yet.  Now that I'm 
running something else for mail and am thus kmail-less, kdepim-less and 
akonadi-less, plus USE=-semantic-desktop, I'm not so worried about it 
destroying a decade plus of mail, etc, as I was with kmail, and I figure 
I can either live with or simply revert if necessary, for any other bugs 
the beta might throw my way.

Meanwhile, the point I'm making with the superkaramba clock comment above 
is that simply stating "clock" isn't sufficient information to try to 
duplicate it, unless someone just happens to have a similar setup and to 
have seen it.  Which clock plasmoid, digital, analog, fuzzy, binary, 
maybe a different clock plasmoid from kdelook, or a superkaramba theme 
(which), or...?  Is it on the desktop or a panel?  If it's on the 
desktop, what size, approximately, and where (I'm assuming to the right 
given the info you did provide, but...)?  If it's on a panel (since that 
sets the plasmoid size when they're in a panel), what size of panel, 
where's the panel docked, and again, what location in the panel?  Also, 
what plasma/workspace theme are you using, as that can make a big 
difference in some aspects of plasmoid behavior, and just what font and 
font size are you talking.  Finally, font size isn't a complete 
description unless we also know what DPI you're running at and/or whether 
it's configured properly on your display (xorg reads it from the EDID, 
but if that's incorrect, as it is for some displays...).

With out even most of that information, just a reasonable sampling of it, 
I'd have a shot at installing the appropriate plasmoid and checking the 
behavior here, but without it, it'd be like a random shot in the dark, 
which is more or less what I just did anyway, making the probably 
ridiculous assumption that you're running a superkaramba clock as I am, 
so my results are comparable to yours.  But given the information you 
provided and the fact that I'm running a superkaramba theme clock so 
reporting no problems with it here was no additional work for me, and 
given that I'm so far from the defaults I can't even remember for sure 
what they are so I can't really make a good shot at that, my report was 
as good a shot in the dark as any.

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