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Re: [kde-linux] Non-functional KDE 4.6 in openSUSE 11.4

Felix Miata posted on Tue, 22 Nov 2011 03:03:06 -0500 as excerpted:

> On 2011/11/22 07:02 (GMT) Duncan composed:
>> FWIW, google says (from monitorworld.com)
>> Compaq FS740 17-inch CRT max resolution 1280x1024 31.5-70 kHz HFreq
>> 50-120 Hz VFreq/refresh
>> FWIW, for those figures (but with the stated 70 Hz min refresh pref)
>> http://old.koalateam.com/cgi-bin/nph-colas-modelines lists modelines
>> from 384x288 up to 1280x960 (a 4:3 aspect ratio is assumed).
>> So given that you don't seem to have much problem with your eyes, you
>> might want to try the 70 Hz 1280x960 modeline from there, and see how
>> your monitor does with that.  That'd give you square pixels at 70 Hz
>> refresh, something that 1280x1024 doesn't, while giving you a bit
>> higher resolution than 1024x768.
> You really think this particular thread needed to be polluted with
> modeline discussion?

Well, I /did/ say "FWIW", "for what it's worth".  If it's not found to be 
"worth" anything to the OP, it can be simply ignored, thus the FWIW in 
the first place.  But see below.

> More than likely left to its own design it would do 1280x1024 at at
> least 85 refresh based on Xorg's own built in modeline generator.
> Of course, as with most CRTs & standard drivers @ 1280x1024, all results
> will be vertically squished, since 1280x1024 is a 5:4 mode and the CRT
> is a 4:3 screen. http://fm.no-ip.com/PC/aspect.html
> http://fm.no-ip.com/PC/std-resolutions.html

I thought it a worthwhile suggestion, because:

1) The poster indicated more windows space (thus a higher resolution) 
might be useful.

2) The 1280x1024 that is claimed as the largest specs size is, as you 
point out, squished (non-square pixels, which I mentioned as well, as 
square pixels for 1280x960).

3) Given those specs (as well as the OP's own words), the monitor is 
likely entirely incapable of even 70 Hz refresh at the 85 Hz you claim 
for 1280x1024, or even the 70 Hz the OP stated he wanted.  Do the math or 
plug in the numbers in your own modeline generator if you doubt.  That's 
why Cola's yielded only a 70 Hz refresh at 1280x960, instead of ~87 or 
so, as should be possible at 960p if it can do 1024 at the 85 you 
suggested.  (Cola's generator deliberately uses slightly loose timings 
parameters tho, but there's a spot to set tighter tolerances if you 
believe your hardware can handle it, but it still wouldn't hit anything 
like 85 Hz and probably not even the 70 Hz mentioned by the OP as that's 
the specific reason he gave for choosing 1024x768, that he was able to 
get 70+ Hz refresh that way.)

Of course it might be wise to drop those in a modes section xorg.conf.d 
file and not actually try activating them with a modes entry in the 
monitor section until the problem at hand is solved, but it's definitely 
potentially useful information, for all three of the reasons listed above.

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