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Re: [kde-linux] Non-functional KDE 4.6 in openSUSE 11.4

On 2011/11/22 07:02 (GMT) Duncan composed:

FrankK posted on Mon, 21 Nov 2011 20:40:01 -0800 as excerpted:

 So to answer your xorg questions:

 1. CRT - Compaq FS740
 3. A to make room for more windows.
 4. Firefox size is OK for me to view as is.

 If I were to choose a screen resolution, 1024x768 would be my first
 choice. This is 60~ power territory, so I prefer a CRT vertical rate of
 70 hertz or higher.

FWIW, google says (from monitorworld.com)

Compaq FS740
17-inch CRT
max resolution 1280x1024
31.5-70 kHz HFreq
50-120 Hz VFreq/refresh

FWIW, for those figures (but with the stated 70 Hz min refresh pref)
lists modelines from 384x288 up to 1280x960 (a 4:3 aspect ratio is

So given that you don't seem to have much problem with your eyes, you
might want to try the 70 Hz 1280x960 modeline from there, and see how
your monitor does with that.  That'd give you square pixels at 70 Hz
refresh, something that 1280x1024 doesn't, while giving you a bit higher
resolution than 1024x768.

You really think this particular thread needed to be polluted with modeline discussion? OpenSUSE's Xorg by default will autogenerate modelines in most cases (same as most Xorg variants in other distros if allowed to), and certainly for a basic/ancient CRT such as his, and particularly if he needs an xorg.conf file to get his i845G to work satisfactorily. If it is producing competent EDID, Xorg will automatically use the highest refresh for its preferred mode, much as it would with an LCD. More than likely left to its own design it would do 1280x1024 at at least 85 refresh based on Xorg's own built in modeline generator.

Of course, as with most CRTs & standard drivers @ 1280x1024, all results will be vertically squished, since 1280x1024 is a 5:4 mode and the CRT is a 4:3 screen. http://fm.no-ip.com/PC/aspect.html http://fm.no-ip.com/PC/std-resolutions.html
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