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Re: [kde-linux] Non-functional KDE 4.6 in openSUSE 11.4

FrankK posted on Mon, 21 Nov 2011 20:40:01 -0800 as excerpted:

> So to answer your xorg questions:
> 1. CRT - Compaq FS740
> 3. A to make room for more windows.
> 4. Firefox size is OK for me to view as is.
> If I were to choose a screen resolution, 1024x768 would be my first
> choice. This is 60~ power territory, so I prefer a CRT vertical rate of
> 70 hertz or higher.

FWIW, google says (from monitorworld.com)

Compaq FS740
17-inch CRT
max resolution 1280x1024
31.5-70 kHz HFreq
50-120 Hz VFreq/refresh

FWIW, for those figures (but with the stated 70 Hz min refresh pref)
lists modelines from 384x288 up to 1280x960 (a 4:3 aspect ratio is 

So given that you don't seem to have much problem with your eyes, you 
might want to try the 70 Hz 1280x960 modeline from there, and see how 
your monitor does with that.  That'd give you square pixels at 70 Hz 
refresh, something that 1280x1024 doesn't, while giving you a bit higher 
resolution than 1024x768.

Here's that and a couple other selected modelines you might wish to try 
(1152x864 isn't a terribly uncommon semi-standard resolution, and 
1200x900 is nice round numbers, thus my choices of those two):

# ModeLine "name"     dotclk wdth x    x    x    hgt y   y   y   #Refresh

  ModeLine "1152x864" 106.91 1152 1200 1440 1536 864 866 878 904 #77Hz
  ModeLine "1200x900" 114.63 1200 1256 1536 1648 900 902 914 940 #74Hz
  ModeLine "1280x960" 120.96 1280 1336 1616 1728 960 962 974 1000 #70Hz

FWIW, I ran multiple monitors, gotten secondhand, for years, so got 
rather good at googling specs and trying modelines from that generator.  
I used to try to run as high a resolution as I possibly could, tweaking 
the modelines a bit by hand when necessary to do it, but then used lower 
resolutions for zooming, as well.

I still use that and a couple other modeline generators to generate
lower resolutions to try on my two LED flat-panels (1080p HD-standard, 
22"), but haven't used them so much recently, as kde's OpenGL-based 
zooming works well, with less hassle, provided of course the graphics 
card supports it, and I bought an hd4650 primarily to better support 
kde's OpenGL based effects, a couple years ago, so the OpenGL zooming 
works quite well.  Which is good since I'm using it even more than ever, 
as I'm about to turn 45, and my just don't handle the dpi that they used 

If I can save up the money, I intend to upgrade to dual 37-42" LED-based 
at some point, basically doubling the pixel size, after which I shouldn't 
have a problem, but that's about $1000 for two of them if I stick with 
LED which I prefer, and in this economy, that's quite some money for what 
is after all a want, not so much a need, so... maybe next year.

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and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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