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Re: [kde-linux] Non-functinal kde displays with 11.4

Felix Miata posted on Sun, 20 Nov 2011 13:16:49 -0500 as excerpted:

> On 2011/11/20 09:27 (GMT-0800) FrankK composed:
>> Since the LXDE desktop knows how to configure a display with my
>> hardware, shouldn't I be able to somehow capture that information
>> and feed it into kde to get a display?
> Can't do it. What you need is to change a yes to a no (or 1 to 0, or on
> to off, or similar) in a file somewhere in ~/.kde4, if you or someone
> else can figure out where.

OK, this is for kde 4.7 which as I already mentioned has some changes in 
this area, but hopefully 4.6 is similar enough that it applies:

First, note that the normal default for $KDEHOME if the environmental 
variable is unset, is $HOME/.kde/ as shipped by kde, but on some distros 
it may be $HOME/.kde4/.  $HOME is of course your user homedir.  With that 
in mind...

Try this file: $KDEHOME/share/config/kwinrc .

This file, like most kde config, is in the standard *.ini format, # at 
the beginning of a line denotes a comment, comments and blank lines are 
ignored, [sections] generally begin with a line in [] and are delimited 
by blank lines for readability, and individual value=data lines within 
each section.  Note that in this file, at least here, the top "section" 
appears to be global and not to have a [section] delimiter, so the first 
[section] delimiter actually starts the second section.

Presumably, what Felix is referring to can be found in the [Compositing] 
section as the Enabled= value.  In 4.6 and earlier, it defaulted to true, 
if the entry didn't appear.  In 4.7, it defaults to false.

So look for this:


And set it to


If the file, section or entry doesn't exist, create it.  All other values 
should set to defaults if they don't appear in the file.

*BUT* the BIG caveat is that I'm not SURE that entry even exists and is 
honored in 4.6 and previous.  Hopefully it is, and that gets you 
started.  Otherwise... well, you can try kde 4.7, probably by upgrading 
to opensuse 12.1 or whatever, possibly using Felix's suggestion for 

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