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Re: [kde-linux] Non-functinal kde displays with 11.4

Felix Miata posted on Sat, 19 Nov 2011 22:05:35 -0500 as excerpted:

> Anyway the fact that you have this problem using older hardware only in
> KDE but not LXDE suggests that your old hardware was not among the
> hardware tested as drivers and KDE have continued to evolve. Likely your
> hardware requires compositing disabled, but KDE defaults to enabling it.

FWIW, that has changed for kde 4.7, so when people upgrade to it, kde 
should work by default on more systems, even those without good OpenGL.

In 4.7, effects are disabled (toggled off) by default until enabled.  And 
enabling them by default only enables them for that specific session.  
The way the toggling works is changed a bit too, with MUCH more emphasis 
put on the hotkey -- the toggle button in desktop effects is entirely 
gone, replaced with a button that shows the toggle hotkey and lets you 
change it if desired.

There's a checkbox in 4.7 that enables desktop effects at startup, but 
it's unchecked by default.  Only after you've tested effects and found 
them to work well enough to want them enabled at kde start, should that 
checkbox be checked.  That way, kde should work by default even on 
systems where enabling effects doesn't work correctly.

That's only one of several kwin and display related improvements that hit 
with 4.7.  The window rules setup got MUCH more intuitive to work with as 
well, which is nice, since I have quite a set of window rules setup, and 
I definitely appreciate how much easier it is to work with them, now. =:^)

But of course the main distro's shipping versions are months behind, so 
4.7 won't hit most of them them until this spring. =:^(

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