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Re: [kde-linux] Non-functinal kde displays with 11.4

On 2011/11/19 20:50 (GMT-0500) FrankK composed:

lspci | grep VGA
hwinfo --gfxcard

Quoting a .sig from an email can result in the part of your messages that follows the quote to disappear from an attempt to respond. That's what happened here. Never quote a .sig. It's never relevant to a response.

Anyway the fact that you have this problem using older hardware only in KDE but not LXDE suggests that your old hardware was not among the hardware tested as drivers and KDE have continued to evolve. Likely your hardware requires compositing disabled, but KDE defaults to enabling it. Had the drivers for your hardware been tested during 11.4 development, probably compositing would have been disabled by openSUSE's Xorg devs or Xorg's devs at the driver level.

It's possible saving

	Section "Extensions"
	        Option          "Composite" "Disable"

as /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/70-composite.conf would be all you need. It may be that you would need to paste it into your xorg.conf file(s) instead. This constitutes global disabling of compositing, which means it'll be disable regardless which DTE you run. There will be a KDE specific way to disable it on a user by user basis without requiring KDE to function first to turn it off via systemsettings, but I have no idea where that is.

More specific help really isn't possible without knowing which hardware you have, particularly the Intel and NVidia. Vanta is really old, and probably got little or no testing. It probably is incompatible with the nouveau driver reported to be in use by the Xorg.0.log snippet you included. Try following the instructions to disable nouveau in one of the included URLs for that machine. For the other machines, go through all of them and try again.


Also, any of *113* or *114* in http://fm.no-ip.com/Tmp/Linux/Xorg/ or http://fm.no-ip.com/Tmp/SUSE/ may include a matching xorg.conf in its head that may serve as a template to manually altering older xorg.conf files to work in 11.4. Most of what older releases' xorg.conf files included should not be needed in releases newer than 11.2 (the last version that included SaX2 for creating them). Note that xorg.conf should not be needed, but for older hardware it's common for at least parts of their content to be needed to work around untest incompatibilities in old hardware. It's often simpler to narrow down what's needed by using the (smaller) individual files in xorg.conf.d/ instead of xorg.conf.

FWIW, I have 11.4/KDE working on a lot of old hardware, but IIRC Vanta is not in any of them I ever use.

If you can't get this figured out on your own, or find out how to disable compositing only in KDE via text editor from someone here, you may be better off looking for a solution in http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-xorg or http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse or subscribing to those lists and asking there.
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