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[kde-linux] Non-functinal kde displays with 11.4

Hello list!

I think this post is more pertinent to kde-linux than
to openSuse, but you can be the judge of that.

I'm writing this because three recent installs of the
stock kde 4.6 on openSuse 11.4 DVD for i532 32 bit,
resulted in a non-functional display. All three
installs were on old HW, but all three boxes are
working fine with LXDE on 11.4.

Two of the non-functional displays painted a huge
mouse cursor in the center of the screen with no
apparent way to get to the taskbar. The third
displayed a live, normal sized cursor on an immense
black background.

LXDE is an acceptable desktop for these machines, so
I have a solution, but it seems to me that I should
be able to capture the LXDE display information and
use that to get a functional kde display. If so, how
would I do that?

Expecting kde display problems with the 11.4
installs, I installed the sax2-tools, but sax2 is not
in the root path from level 3. I see in the xorg.d
some mention of ctv. cvt didn't seem of much use to me.

My interest now for a kde display is for openSuse
12.1. It will be a while yet until 12.1 is available
on a snail-mail DVD. Possibly 12.1 will further
outclass my hardware to the point that only LXDE is a
practical desktop.

It still is nice to experiment with new SW. Being
denied a functional display is a very frustrating

Since LXDE just works on 11.4 and kde just doesn't
work on the same distro, I think I'm justified
posting this to the kde-linux list.

If I'm wrong about this post location let me know and
I'll take it elsewhere. Frank K

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