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Re: [kde-linux] "Dir Filter" has gone missing in 4.7.3 +

On 11/17/2011 06:40 AM, Duncan wrote:
James Tyrer posted on Wed, 16 Nov 2011 22:37:17 -0700 as excerpted:

When I open Konqueror to a directory, there is no filter icon or filter

So, I went to "Settings ->  Configure Toolbars" and I find:

      Extra Toolbar<DirFilter>
      Filter Toolbar<DirFilter>

I note that the 2nd one is WRONG.  It should be:

      Location Toolbar<DirFilter>

But, I don't think that that is the issue here.  The problem is that
when I open the dialog box for either of these that the only thing
listed is:

      --- separator ---

The icon and the window are not listed.

Perhaps I made an installation error, or changed something in my user
tree for 4.6.x, so I tried a new test user and had the same problem.

Does anyone (e.g. Duncan) have any idea what the problem is.  This
worked fine with 4.6.x.
I can confirm the same behavior here (4.7.3).  However, I don't have
every bit of kde installed
I think that I installed everything that would build on a first run through. I still have to go through the logs and probably install some not very important dependencies. And I still have not been able to get all of KDEBindings to build although PyKDE built after I patched the code. Some of the other stuff built but some failed with errors.

and don't use konqueror much any more.  I mostly
kept it installed to use as a second browser, when firefox breaks or I
want to compare page-display, so I wouldn't be able to tell you when the
filter functionality broke.  (As a file manager, I tend to use mc in a
konsole window for most things, along with gwenview for image and video,
and dolphin works well enough in its role of glorified file dialog, so I
rarely have a use for konqueror in file management mode at all, except
for questions such as this.  I tend to switch to mc where many might
switch from dolphin to konqueror, I guess.)
I would be willing to use Dolphin for building stuff although the browsing ("previews") is convenient for README and installation instructions some of which are now in HTML which would mean that it would have to open Konqueror to look at them.

However, Dolphin appears to lack this important feature -- well one of them. It has a filter window but lacks a file type filter based on extensions.

I also find it an issue that Konqueror lacks a file search part.
Of course, this was exactly the sort of thing konqueror fans were worried
about when dolphin became kde's default file manager... konqueror losing
development focus and various bits of it going bug-riddled and broken
until it's no longer of much use.  Oh, well...
I have to ask, is my Steve Jobs like attitude totally unacceptable in an OSS project. I just have to think that this is version 4.7.x and this little basic stuff should be working 100% by now. If the KDE project could deliver quality that would please a perfectionist (me), I would probably be changeling the Mac Desktop in the commercial market. But, something that is never over 80% complete is ... well that should speak for itself.

I had great hopes for Konqueror. I had even started to convince David F. of the wisdom of the universal browser concept and that the artificial Web Browser vs. File Manager design that is poorly bolted on was a bad idea -- that it could be replaced by different configurations based on the type of file or directory that was being displayed. But, at least I convinced him that the double Home icon was the thing to do. Although I would like to also see a Places or Files icon.

There is another bug since the (poorly named) Search Bar shows up in the Location Toolbar when it doesn't work.

But, there is a faction that doesn't want to do any more work on Konqueror but rather just have Dolphin an Rekonq.

James Tyrer

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