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[kde-linux] "Dir Filter" has gone missing in 4.7.3 +

When I open Konqueror to a directory, there is no filter icon or filter window.

So, I went to "Settings -> Configure Toolbars" and I find:

    Extra Toolbar <DirFilter>
    Filter Toolbar <DirFilter>

I note that the 2nd one is WRONG.  It should be:

    Location Toolbar <DirFilter>

But, I don't think that that is the issue here. The problem is that when I open the dialog box for either of these that the only thing listed is:

    --- separator ---

The icon and the window are not listed.

Perhaps I made an installation error, or changed something in my user tree for 4.6.x, so I tried a new test user and had the same problem.

Does anyone (e.g. Duncan) have any idea what the problem is. This worked fine with 4.6.x.

Is there perhaps some additional code that I need to install?

I retrieved the code: "kde-baseapps/konq-plugins" from the new location:



But, is there more: "konq-plugins" code somewhere else?

The lack of this really makes a LARGE difference in usability especially when you are used to using it. :-(

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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