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Re: [kde-linux] Kubuntu panel clock disappeared

Larry Alkoff wrote:

Thanks for your help Dale.

Now I know how to find the KDE version, in help for Konsole or others.
My KDE version is 4.4.5 as is my wife's.

My preference for the clock is task bar bottom right.

I think wife did something to delete the clock.
Since it was a year ago and she didn't tell me, I can't look up error logs.



I'm going to give this a shot. It *may* have changed but I think it is the same. As to how she deleted it, she right clicked the clock then moved up and left clicked. Trust me, VERY easy to do. I have done the same thing myself. The clock no less.

On the task bar, the little bar at the bottom, go over to the extreme right with your mouse pointer. See the little gray thing turn orange? Left click the orange thing. They call that something but I can't recall what it is. Cashew or something? Anyway, a bar will pop up with stuff in it. Click Add Widgets. Now a bunch of stuff will pop up. Between the normal task bar and the new part that popped up is a scroll bar that goes from left to right. Horizontal scroll bar and sometimes hard to see. You can use it to find the Digital Clock or you can click Categories and select Date and Time to narrow it down a bit. They are in alphabetical order tho. Once you find it, just double click it to add it. It may not go where you want it tho. It usually adds things to the right side but one never knows.

If it adds it somewhere other than where you want it, Just put the mouse pointer over it, the pointer should turn into a four arrow looking thing, then left click and drag until it is where you want it, then release it. You may want to move other things around too. When you are done, you can click somewhere outside the task bar area or click the little orange thing in the bottom right hand side that started all this.

If you want to prevent this from happening again, before you click the orange thingy, click More Settings. Then lock the widgets. After that, it takes two clicks to change anything since you have to unlock the widgets first.

That should work on your version or at least be pretty close. Sorry I don't use fancy terms for things but I try to type in a noobie fashion. I like simple sometimes. ;-)


:-)  :-)

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