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Re: [kde-linux] Kubuntu panel clock disappeared

On 11/14/2011 04:50 AM, Dale wrote:
Larry Alkoff wrote:

When you tell me how to ascertain the KDE version I might be able to
get a better handle on the problem.

Again thanks for your interest and help. You sound knowledgeable
enough that between us we can solve the problem.


Open anything KDE, Konsole, K3b, Konqueror or dolphin, or any other KDE
app. In one of those, click Help in the menu and then About KDE. That
should tell you the version of KDE.

Also, just to be more clear, where do you want the clock to be? Do you
want it on the task bar at the bottom or the desktop itself? By default
its on the task bar thing at the bottom right. At least on every install
I have seen anyway.


:-) :-)

Thanks for your help Dale.

Now I know how to find the KDE version, in help for Konsole or others.
My KDE version is 4.4.5 as is my wife's.

My preference for the clock is task bar bottom right.

I think wife did something to delete the clock.
Since it was a year ago and she didn't tell me, I can't look up error logs.



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