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[kde-linux] Re: Panel widgets alwais to the left

On Tuesday 12 April 2011 03:44:42 Klaus Vink Slott wrote:
> Hi Duncan and thanks for your answer
> Tirsdag 12 april 2011 02:23:45 skrev Duncan:
> > Klaus Vink Slott posted on Mon, 11 Apr 2011 13:07:22 +0200 as 
> > > Somehow my panel in the bottom of my right monitor have decided
> > > to left adjust all widgets. Where do I change this setting?
> [cut]
> > > I am on OpenSUSE 11.3 with dual monitor and KDE 4.4.4
> [cut]
> > In fact, 4.4 was still what I called "release-candidate" quality
> [cut]
> > Thus, I'd really recommend upgrading to the last of the 4.5
> > releases,
> I mostly agree with your opinion, but this is on my desktop at
> work, so I am somewhat reluctant to upgrade. Stability and limited
> time to experiment is the main focus here, this make me stick to
> the official OpenSUSE repositories. At home I am running leading
> edge with all bells and whistle :-)
> > But to directly address your question...
> >
> > Plasmoid (plasma widget) size and placement behavior in the panel
> > has always been limited by the panel form-factor and the fact
> > that plasma tries to auto-adjust plasmoids t*o fit.
> [cut]
> My question was mainly triggered by the fact that my clock and cpu
> load normally resides in the right hand corner of my screen.
> > That said, there *IS* a (partial) solution that MAY help you get
> > what you want.  I had decidedly mixed results with it here, but
> > it's worth a try, and can help in some instances.
> >
> > That solution is the "spacer" plasmoid.
> [cut]
> Got it!
> So as I understand your answer, the icons on the bottom panel has
> always been left adjusted - but a now forgotten spacer,
> task-switcher or other widget was pushing my clock out to the
> right. That is absolutely understandable and I was simply searching
> the for the wrong solution.
> Thanks again.

Basically I want to make KDE 4 work like 3.5 or XFCE. I want a menu on 
the left (the classic option) and I want the ability to add icons (not 
plasmoids ) to the bottom bar. Most of these are programs I download 
and compile. At the moment I use Slack 13.0, 13.1 is still a bit flaky 
on my system. Here are some of my favorite programs:
Even if there is an older version available via Slackbuild etc. I 
routinely download, compile and install the newest version from a 
tarball. Basically I want to do productive work, not just play with 
the GUI. 

If/when I get Slack 13.1 to behave decently I will be adding another 
edition of Scribus so I will have two versions, 1.4.0 and 1.5.0. I 
want both of them on that bottom bar.

Toying with going back to FVWM of years ago. 

But back to the issue:  How do I put widgets for my favorites on the 
bottom bar?  Most of them are not even in the KDE Menu system and 
don't have plasmoids AFAIK.
John Culleton
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