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[kde-linux] Re: konsole and --geometry

Alex Schuster posted on Sat, 30 Oct 2010 17:47:33 +0200 as excerpted:

>> You have two possible strategies to follow here.  You can either use
>> the window rules to setup the behavior you want, dropping your
>> previously attempted --geometry settings, or you can tell kwin to
>> strictly obey the app's own geometry settings, instead of handling it
>> as it normally would.
> I'd be interested in how to do the latter, and George might be, too. The
> window rules are fine, but what if one likes multiple konsoles to start
> in different places? Maybe this could be done by more specific window
> rules that include the window title or something, that can be changed by
> specifying a profile or via the misterious '-p <property=value>' option.
> But it would be easier to just use an option like --geometry.
> BTW, any idea why this option is overridden? I mean, KDE window
> placement rules and the window rules are okay, I use them by myself a
> lot, but when I explicitely specify a --geometry option, why shouldn't
> it be used?

Given that it's a KDE (not just inherited qt) option, one would think... 
but I'm guessing it's due to implementation -- kwin's overriding the 
option instituted earlier and for other window managers, because as it 
gets the info, it's the same as any other app passing the info, and for 
all kwin knows, kwin uses different policies than might have been used in 
whatever X session that app was used in last, such that the geometry 
passed by the app could be entirely inappropriate for kwin's policy.

Anyway, look under workarounds tab.  There's one app I have to tell kwin 
to "ignore requested geometry", and *NOT* to "strictly obey geometry".  If 
BOTH aren't set properly, it won't work as I want.  In your case, you'd 
want the reverse.  So...

Ignore requested, force, UNCHECK.

Strictly obey, force, CHECK.

OK, Apply.

kwin /should/ use the passed geometry, now (provided the app is being 
detected properly, sometimes there's other issues, post back if you get 
them).  If it doesn't, I'd call it a bug.

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