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[kde-linux] Cron emails don't respect my MAILTO

I set up a small rsync job to backup my kaddressbook contacts, using 
SystemSettings.  I set a mailto, to direct the messages to my external 
address, so that they would always  be on my mail server.  They are being sent 
to my laptop local mailbox (/var/spool/mail/anne).

I've used 'crontab -e' to check the job settings - the mailto looks correct.  
I've tried both with and without spaces around the "=" - can someone tell me 
which is correct?.  /etc/aliases is set to send root mail to me, at my 
external address - but the job in question is running as anne, not as root, so 
that shouldn't matter.

I've completely run out of ideas for checking.  What else could be causing the 
mailto to be ignored?

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