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Re: Need help with Kapidox - messes up my work

Hi David,

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 1:10 AM David Hurka <david.hurka@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone,

can someone explain me how (not) to use Kapidox?

... snip ...
I had already run kapidox_generate in other project directories, where it only 
generated an index.html with some blue navigation bars (like on api.kde.org).

This is probably not the intended behaviour. Am I stupid? If yes/no/else: What
am I doing wrong? Which information do you need to help?

Don't worry, you're not being stupid. It's probably unintended behavior or
just an undocumented one.

I tried your process and the reason it fails is that kapidox seems to delete
the contents ".." directory if tthat's what you give kapidox_generate. I have tried it with
other frameworks as well and that seems to be the case. There are two options that seem
to work:

1. don't build the apidocs inside the okular directory and put it outside (so you'd have
~/Qt/okular and ~/Qt/okular-apidocs)
2. If you need to really put it inside the same directory as okular (okular/html_kapidox), give
the script the exact path to the okular source code:

david@doro:~/Qt/okular/html_kapidox$ ~/kde/kapidox/src/kapidox_generate ~/Qt/okular

Alternative, this also seemed to work:

david@doro:~/Qt/okular/html_kapidox$ ~/kde/kapidox/src/kapidox_generate ../../okular

So it seems that the critical element is that you give the script the name of the folder where
the source code is, rather than just ".." or relative paths.

Hope that helps.


Juan Carlos Torres