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Re: Code Review: Spectacle

Thanks! Looks promising so far. A Phab review would be lovely, yes.


 ---- On Sun, 05 May 2019 13:44:24 -0600 Boudhayan Gupta <bgupta@xxxxxxx> wrote ----
 > Hi folks,
 > I've been hacking on Spectacle again :-P
 > I wanted to refactor the platform backends to make it a little bit cleaner and more stateless, and also factor out invoking the rectangular cropper from the platform backend - so that it's now invoked by SpectacleCore rather than the backend. But mostly I did this to clean up the crap I wrote back in 2015 when I didn't know better.
 > I'm working on this in the bgupta/platform-backend-refactor branch. I haven't hooked up the rectangular cropper back yet, but everything else should work (I've tested the Xcb backend only, not Wayland). Still to do are:
 > * Hook up window title information* Hook up the rectangular cropper
 > After this the rectangular cropper should also "just work" on Wayland, or as best as fullscreen windows work on Wayland anyway.
 > I've been merging from master and I'll keep doing that, so a review should just be a matter of diffing the two branches. The folks who currently work on Spectacle regularly, I'd be obliged if you could take a look and see if anything's wrong, or just see what I'm doing with the code. If you want me to file a diff on Differential or something, I can also do that once I'm done with everything.
 > If no one bothers to review the code I'll finish everything up and merge to master sometime this week, but then if I end up causing a regression that I didn't notice... well, please review my code :-P (I'm also thinking about how to better unittest this code, but I don't have any good ideas yet).
 > Thanks,Boudhayan