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Re: Code Review: Spectacle

Am 05.05.19 um 21:44 schrieb Boudhayan Gupta:
> Hi folks,
> I've been hacking on Spectacle again :-P

if you are at it please bring back the sane behavior of "ksnapshot" to
make "remember selection" default *but not* between sessions

that worked so fine for all the years when you had to document some
process with a ton of screenshots step by step where the selection is
identical at every step

the same for "on click" - that makes no sense for a rectangle selection
in most cases

it looks like "ksnapshot" but it's far from it#s uasability

there was a bugreport in context of "remember selection" where people
pretended that this behavior confuses users and hence it's not default

YES in the current implementation that i get my old random selection
from two weeks ago when press the print key is confusing, even for power
users like me, but that was fine before "ksnapshot" got replaced for
many years and i still don't get why when someone writes a replacement
for something why he doesn't even try to understand such basic behavior
and just change it