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Code Review: Spectacle

Hi folks,

I've been hacking on Spectacle again :-P

I wanted to refactor the platform backends to make it a little bit cleaner and more stateless, and also factor out invoking the rectangular cropper from the platform backend - so that it's now invoked by SpectacleCore rather than the backend. But mostly I did this to clean up the crap I wrote back in 2015 when I didn't know better.

I'm working on this in the bgupta/platform-backend-refactor branch. I haven't hooked up the rectangular cropper back yet, but everything else should work (I've tested the Xcb backend only, not Wayland). Still to do are:

* Hook up window title information
* Hook up the rectangular cropper

After this the rectangular cropper should also "just work" on Wayland, or as best as fullscreen windows work on Wayland anyway.

I've been merging from master and I'll keep doing that, so a review should just be a matter of diffing the two branches. The folks who currently work on Spectacle regularly, I'd be obliged if you could take a look and see if anything's wrong, or just see what I'm doing with the code. If you want me to file a diff on Differential or something, I can also do that once I'm done with everything.

If no one bothers to review the code I'll finish everything up and merge to master sometime this week, but then if I end up causing a regression that I didn't notice... well, please review my code :-P (I'm also thinking about how to better unittest this code, but I don't have any good ideas yet).