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Re: May 10: Removing l10n support for kde4 playground-* repos

Luigi Toscano <luigi.toscano@xxxxxxxxxx> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. máj. 2., Cs, 14:21):
Zoltan Padrah ha scritto:
> Albert Astals Cid <aacid@xxxxxxx <mailto:aacid@xxxxxxx>> ezt írta (időpont:
> 2019. ápr. 24., Sze, 23:40):

> [1]
> https://cgit.kde.org/ktechlab.git/tree/?h=wip-kf5-try1
>     Anything in particular you're stuck with?
> I had quite some headaches with setting up the include directories. After
> reading the documentation I assume that if I set up the target_link_libraries
> correctly for targets, the include directories will be automatically added to
> the compiler command-line. Will see the results when I try to make the
> application compile...

Did you start the conversion manually?
I usually start with adapt_cmakelists_file.pl from
https://cgit.kde.org/kde-dev-scripts.git/tree/kf5, with some manual tuning
until it compiles, and then I use the other scripts with some manual tuning
for the complex part of the porting which can't be fully automated (KUrl, for

Yes, I have started the conversion to KF5 manually.

I had tried one of the scripts (convert-to-k4aboutdata.pl ?) and it just messed up the code badly, so I have given up on the scripts. Without reading the documentation (and learning some Pearl) they have not looked useful for me.

Meanwhile: the latest code I've pushed to the KF5 branch compiles, but it crashes immediately.