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Re: May 10: Removing l10n support for kde4 playground-* repos

Albert Astals Cid <aacid@xxxxxxx> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. ápr. 24., Sze, 23:40):
I guess we can let the kde4 master branch live a bit more.

Ok, thanks.

What's the name of your KF5 branch? Maybe we can help with the porting :)

The work-in-progress KF5 branch is "wip-kf5-try1" [1]. It's in the first stage of porting, the buildsystem needs to be fixed in order to make the application (and tests) compile.

Anything in particular you're stuck with?

I had quite some headaches with setting up the include directories. After reading the documentation I assume that if I set up the target_link_libraries correctly for targets, the include directories will be automatically added to the compiler command-line. Will see the results when I try to make the application compile...

Best regards,