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Re: Revisiting the TechBase situation (2 proposals)

Am Donnerstag, 4. April 2019, 15:19:49 CEST schrieb David Edmundson:
> >OPTION 1: Sunset TechBase, put everything in Community Wiki
> The community wiki is two things.
> * There is structured useful information about things like coding
> style, or ABI compliance
> Putting this with techbase makes perfect sense.

It made sense before 2016, where the name "techbase" of that wiki also 
referred to that initial purpose "all technical stuff no matter for whom".

Then people sat together trying to clear out stuff to help making it more 
easy for 3rd-party to use KDE's (devloper-targetted) products and made a 
clear plan which existing document/info set containers have which target 

Please compare the headline on the main page of techbase.kde.org:
"techbase.kde.org is primarily aimed at external developers. Here, you can 
find documentation and help to build on or extend KDE products for your own 

Should external developers be interested in the coding style we have on our 
own products? It does not affect their usage, like e.g. the Qt coding style 
does not affect us on doing KDE software. So this is community stuff, no?

Techbase at least currently not being specified to be a generic learn-how-to-
C++ for externals, having generic info about how to do developement in C++, 
like how to ensure ABI compliance, also is out-of-place there, no?
Isn't it targetting rather people working _on_ KDE products, not _with_ KDE 
products, so they know how to properly develop our products?
At most techbase could list which KDE products support what kind of ABI 

Please. lets have some clear plans what kind of target groups we want to 
support in which ways. 
As one of those who contributed a bit to that reorganization of documentation 
in 2016, it comes across a bit painful to see people just overthrowing/
ignoring that organization.
Where are the good old usability people or software engineers with their 
personas concepts, to have an idea whom we create for? :)