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Re: Updating the Framework apidocs part 1: fixing the presentation

Le lundi 1 avril 2019, 08:54:12 CEST Juan Carlos Torres a écrit :
> On Sat, Mar 30, 2019 at 4:11 PM Olivier Churlaud <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > I'm the one who is supposed to be in charge of api.kde.org and specially
> > kapidox, the program that generate the website.
> >
> > I changed a lot of things in the past 5 years to make it more modern and
> > usable. Of course there is still plenty to do, but I don't have the time to
> > do it anymore. I still have the backlog though.
> >
> Thank you so much for all you've done! I'm hoping we can get some more
> people
> interested in joining. On that note, do we have any guide on something like
> building
> and hosting the apidocs locally? More for testing stylesheets and
> formatting rather
> just generating the apidocs for speciic frameworks? Maybe I can start a
> different email
> thread if that'll take too long, or maybe we can talk on IRC or Matrix?

The documentation for the generation is here : https://api.kde.org/frameworks/kapidox/html/index.html

	~/src/frameworks/kapidox/src/kapidox_generate <YOUR_FOLDER>

> - finish the design overhaul (it's already responsive design!!) : there are
> > some bugs that you spotted that we should fix and we might want to use the
> > kde.org colors and theme.
> >
> Would it be possible to switch the ECM apidocs to a bluer theme? Presuming
> we have bizstyle installed, that is. I can file a bug report for that
> though I think
> it'd have to be filed under ECM.
> > I worked some times ago on the wiki as well. The goals were the following :
> >
> - everything community related should be in community.kde.org. It's an
> > internal wiki for people who contribute or want to.
> > - techbase should be the entry point for external devs to our products. So
> > we should keep a product oriented structure, and for each product, have
> > links to the website if it exists (for example kdevelop.org), give
> > mailing list à d bug trackers info etc. The tutorials could be moved under
> > the relevant products. And they should be simplified to the use of a given
> > framework on top of Qt, instead of all the kf5 stack. Having the whole KF5
> > stack let people think it's a all or nothing approach, like in the kde4
> > time, which is not.
> >
> I'm also considering a proposal about the wikis. It's a bit confusing in
> terms of messaging as well as structure.
> But it's something we've been struggling with since the days of Techbase.
> But that's for another email this week. ;)

I'll be waiting for this email. :)

> > And as already said, I think tutorial should move to the repos so that
> > they can be linked to in the api website and copied and compiled for easier
> > onboarding.
> >
> I can definitely see the advantages of this approach. It also helps makes
> sure tutorials
> are up-to-date and that we can check its version history better than on the
> wiki. It would
> be great if it were possible to just pull the code automatically from git
> and embed it directly
> into a wiki page so that we can still have the code live git but have
> formatted text, longer
> explanations, and possibly discussions on the wiki. Hopefully, the www
> people can chime in.