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Re: CI system maintainability

Am 2019-03-28 07:40, schrieb Ben Cooksley:

Does anyone have any ideas for a long term, proper fix to this?

At this point given the amount of effort required to maintain a CI
system vs. the amount of care actually being given by some developers
(who are ignoring it's failure emails) it becomes questionable whether
the effort is worth the return (and if not, we should just shut it

Hi Ben,

I at least consider the CI system we have as super important and I'm super happy with it and extremely thankful for all the work you and the other sysadmins put into it. Given that I would find it sad if it were shut down because some devs are not playing along. Given the thread and what I read we seem to have here a case where a dev pushed a broken change without code review. That's IMHO not how we work in KDE. I don't think the complete community should be punished for misbehavior of some.

My suggestion is that you get the right to revert broken changes. If it holds back everything and you sent a mail, what else should you do?