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lgtm integration (automated detection of bugs and problems for programming languages)

Hello kdevelopers,

I'v come to know the lgtm.com this week and started to enjoy it quite
a bit. It provides code analisys for various languages like c/c++ /
java / javascript / python, transforming code to data and extracting
information using a QL Schema + Deep learning.

It's opensource, and *already* runs thru all the kde codebase because
our code has a mirror on github (but it also supports gitlab,
bitbucket). Some of the code from kde can't be analized yet because of
unmatched dependencies, but here's an example of a software we all
know and love, being analized by their tools.


I belive we should get in contact with them and ask for a ~formal~
partnership and integrate this into our phab / gitlab instances.