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Re: [GSoC 2019] KWin Clipboard Management Project

Hi Nico,

> Hey Calvin,
> nice to see that you're interested in our GSOC project. I'm not sure Roman
> reads this list so I CC'd him.
> Could you please point me to an overview of commits you made to Sway?
I worked on sway for a bit over a year, so I touched quite a few
different parts of the project. For example I have contributed quite a
few small bugfixes to the project, like the following:
Fixing memory leaks:
Fixing feature behaviour:

Furthermore, I have contributed several features to the project:
Color configuration to a binary:
Marks (an i3 feature):

My largest contribution to an open source project so far was the
addition of a system tray to sway. This was over the course of several
pull requests, and is where I get most of my experience with desktop ipc
(the tray used the kde DBus protocol):

> It's not a problem that you haven't contributed to KDE yet, but we'd like
> to see some activity before considering your proposal.
Also this makes sense. Do you know of any TODOs for KWin I could work
on? Of course other projects work too, but I assume that it would be
appreciated more if I get to know KWin before working on it.

Thank you,