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Re: Concluding the Gitlab Discussion

One thing I'd really like to not lose is the review status feature (approved/changes requested/etc). I've head that this is EE only. Is there any word on getting that added to our package?

Other than that, I think I think what Gitlab offers over Phabricator is either a significant win or else just something different that you can get used to quickly.


 ---- On Tue, 19 Mar 2019 02:26:24 -0600 Ben Cooksley <bcooksley@xxxxxxx> wrote ----
 > Hi all,
 > Over the past few weeks we've had a discussion on whether we'd like to
 > migrate from Phabricator to Gitlab, for handling both our code reviews
 > as well as internal tasks (user facing bug reports are explicitly out
 > of context at this time)
 > Based on the comments the overall consensus seems to be at this stage
 > to favour switching to Gitlab.
 > This however is subject to a caveat around multiple task boards, which
 > would be needed for larger projects to effectively coordinate amongst
 > the various sub-projects.
 > As part of the transition we will also arrange for the email interface
 > to be enabled (for emailing in patches) and for the default for merges
 > to be rebase when it's not a fast forward merge for all repositories.
 > Does anyone have any final comments?
 > In terms of the steps forward from here, Sysadmin will need a bit of
 > time to prepare various parts of the infrastructure for the transition
 > (such as the anongit network, which will need a full rebuild as part
 > of switching).
 > Once this is complete, we'll be in touch with more information on how
 > the transition will take place.
 > Thanks,
 > Ben Cooksley
 > KDE Sysadmin